Why Study in Canada?

Canada has been becoming one of the most preferred countries for international students and immigrants due to their relaxed VISA and PR regulations. Canada’s international student population has tripled over the past decade to 642,000 in 2019. Canada is now the world's third leading country for international students.

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school12 - 36 Months Post Study Work Duration (PGWP)
Application Process
Step 1 - Preliminary Research

There are hundreds of courses available in different universities across the country. You need to understand various courses available and study the course curriculum, requirements to make an informed decision. And you need to look at your profile along with interests and potential career opportunities post the completion of the course.

Based on research, you will figure out your interested countries, courses and their admission requirements.

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Step 2 - Test Preparation

Based on the preliminary shortlist of universities and courses, you would have understood the admission requirements. The standard exams like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. must be attempted and the scores achieved in these exams will determine the potential universities that can be targeted for admissions.

To understand your current ability, we are providing diagnostic tests at nominal price. You will also get a detailed feedback on your current ability and next steps to achieve your desired band scores.

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Step 3 - Final University Shortlisting

Based on your preferences - country, course, etc. and your profile - academics, exam scores, etc., you need to identify a list of universities and courses suitable for you. We generally split the universities into three categories for our students - Safe, Moderate and Ambitious. Each university application costs you around 50$ - 150$ and it is not advisable to apply to 100 universities. At the same time, applying to just 1-2 universities is a bad choice unless you are interested only in those specific courses.

We generally provide a list of 10-15 universities for our students - Safe + Moderate + Ambitious and we would help our students to select 6 universities - 3 Safe + 2 Moderate + 1 Ambitious to get at least 2 admits on average with an eye for better universities. The admission process is a subjective process and it is difficult to predict universities and admissions with 100% accuracy. But, we have built a data driven approach using 2,00,000+ admits across 5,000+ colleges across the world to recommend universities with a better accuracy.

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Step 4 - Filling Application Forms

This is one of the most critical steps in the process. You need to understand the required documents, CGPA conversion, SOP and LORs etc.

Documents Required for Applications
Transcripts and Marksheets
Undergraduate (and PG) till date
XII class marksheets
X class marksheets
Single/Double page CV/Resume
SOP and LORs
Statement of Purpose - SOP
2-3 Letter of Recommendations - LORs
Valid Passport
Passport with valid expiry date
Exam Scores
GRE score(Based on program requirements)
Work-experience documents
Research paper(s) documents
Financial support documents

The application fees for each university would generally be in the range of 50-150$. We have around 150 partner universities (and colleges) in Canada and some of them provide concession on application fees to our students. You can look at our partner universities and current concessions over here: List of Partner Universities

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Step 5 - Financial Support

Unlike other countries, we are observing that universities in Canada are taking long time to process applications and provide an admit to the students. Hence, we strongly recommend students to apply to the universities as soon as possible. For a student planning to join university in Fall (August/September), we would recommend to apply by December of previous year.

The student should pay a part of tuition fees mentioned in acceptance letter to get receipt from the university. And the student needs to prove the financial capability with the help of a bank loan or GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from participating banks.

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Step 6 - Apply for VISA

After paying partial fees (as mentioned in acceptance letter) to the university and proof of financial support (GIC, Loan etc.), a student can apply for Canadian study VISA.

You need to have a valid passport, VISA application form, acceptance letter from university along with additional documents like transcripts, exam scores, financial supporting documents. You should have good exam scores, acceptance letter from DLI (Designated Learning Institute) and strong financial support to clear the final hurdle.

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Admission Guarantee

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Akash is a life-long coach who holds an MS from Harvard University, an MBA from University of Washington, and a BE from BITS Pilani.

Akash has been awarded the Harvard University Fellowship, the Starting Bloc and Sandbox Fellowships, and the BITS 30 Under 30 Award. He has delivered lectures at BITS Pilani, Bangalore Management Academy, SAP Labs, etc, and has been featured in DNA, Indian Express, Yourstory, and Economic Times.

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