Become Our Social Ambassador
And earn money, additional discounts and many more benefits !!!!
Become Our Social Ambassador
And earn money, additional discounts and many more benefits !!!!
Your Benefits

Earn Money from our Sales


Special Discounts on Courses


Certificate of Internship


Letter of Recommendation

Your Responsibilities
Promote Knowledge Webinars

GTCUBE conducts wide range of free knowledge webinars. Promote them in your social circles to get registrations.

Promote Our

GTCUBE offers wide range of free and paid courses and we are coming with lot more courses in various domains.

Promote Campaigns and Contests

GTCUBE runs various campaigns and contests to reach out to more students. Make them successful by getting more participants.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application

Fill all your details in the application form provided below this process chart.

Step 2: Submit Task

Our team will send a mail in 24-48 hours with the details of a task to be submitted by you along with the deadline. It will take 1-2 hours of your time to complete the task. And it will give you complete information of how our social ambassador program works.

Step 3: Telephonic Round

Our team will reach out to you post submission of your task. This is more of a discussion where our team will answer your queries regarding the program and give you more clarity about the responsibilities of our ambassadors.

Step 4: Become our Ambassador

Congratulations for reaching this step. We will officially confirm your role with us as GTCUBE Social Ambassador. And you can start helping us grow and earn along with us.

Application Form

Fill this application form to get started with the process. All the fields are mandatory (*)

I agree to the terms and conditions of the GTCUBE's social ambassador program
Terms and Conditions

1. GTCUBE expects ambassadors to promote GTCUBE activities in the social media channels. Hence, ambassadors wouldn't have to incur any costs. And GTCUBE is not recommending ambassadors to spend additional money on these activies.Hence, GTCUBE is not liable to pay any promotion costs to the ambassadors.

2. GTCUBE will send emails and messages to the ambassador applicants as part of the process and future communications. You can always unsubscribe from our communications if you are not interested in receiving communication from us. We respect your time and privacy.

3. The representation can be revoked at any time of the year if the ambassador fails to perform reasonably well or performs any actions that could affect GTCUBE in negative manner.

4. The Certificate of Internship shall be provided only to the ambassadors after meeting the minimum criteria for each month.

5. In case of any conflict, the final decision is always with GTCUBE to take the best possible action that will be beneficial to both the parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • control_pointWhat will I do as a GTCUBE Social Ambassador?
    As a GSA (GTCUBE Social Ambassador), you are expected to :
    1. Promote our free and paid courses in your social channels -Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.
    2. Promote our webinars and live events to increase GTCUBE's reach
    3. Promote our contests, campaigns etc. among your social circle
  • control_pointCan I Apply?
    Yes. It's open for everyone. Our courses are currently targeting college students and hence would be more relevant if you are a college student. It is open to college-going students of all degrees, streams, and years. If you want to work with a growing start-up backed by IIM Alumni and experience the art of marketing and networking, then this is a good opportunity to experience it.
  • control_pointHow long should I work?
    We don't have a fixed time period for the program. We would need a commitment of at least one month to be eligible for the internship certificate. Selected ambassadors can stop working for few weeks and come back to continue their work. If the ambassador meets the minimum criteria set for that month, he/she is eligible for the certificate for that month.
  • control_pointDo I have to pay anything to apply for this ambassador program?
    This is a program where we will be paying our ambassadors from the sales we make due to them. We don't take any money from the applicants of the program. We are happy to get support from enthusiastic students who are willing to help us grow. We will reward the students with good experience and additional monetary benefits as well. That's our promise !!
  • control_pointHow much money can I earn from this program?
    We give a part of what we make from your support. We provide 25% of the sale value as GTCoins to you. You can take it as a coupon and spend it on our courses. Else, you can convert each GTCoin as 0.5 Rs. and get the cash to your bank account/wallets.

    For example, a student clicked on a webinar link shared by you in your Facebook. The student attended the webinar and liked one of our course. And the student made a purchase for Rs. 1000. You will be awarded 25% of 1000 = 250 GTCoins for that sale. You can generate a coupon worth Rs. 250 to use in our website to buy something. Or you can withdraw it as Rs. 125 to your bank account/wallet.

    Note: The calculation shown is an example.There are some additional terms to understand the overall incentive structure.
  • control_pointWhen will I get Internship Certificate? When will I get Letter of Recommendation?
    We have set a minimum target of getting 30 students register for one of our webinars, free courses or paid courses per month. An ambassador is eligible for the certificate if he/she meets the target in a month. There is no fixed duration of the internship. Ambassadors will get certificate for a month duration at the end of each month if they meet the criteria for that particular month.

    We select 2-3 best ambassadors who get most sales and registrations through their promotional activities.They are declared as the star ambassadors for that month and get LOR from us for their excellent work.
  • control_pointHow much time should I spend for this GSA program?
    We believe that our ambassador would have to work for 2-3 hours per week. We provide the creatives, text and links with custom tracking in the dashboard. Ambassador needs to copy them and post them in their social media channels.

    GTCUBE conducts 1-2 free webinars every week, offers lot of free courses and special discounts on our courses. We will come up with lot more content in coming months. Ambassadors are expected to promote these activities in their social circles. As we will provide everything required to conduct these promotional activities, it wouldn't take too much time out of your schedule.
  • control_pointI am interested in becoming GTCUBE Social Ambassador. But, I don't have any experience in this?
    Everyone of us has to start at somepoint and learn in the process. We promise you to provide detailed support. We have made video tutorials to help you understand each and every step. We will have a support team to help you if you are facing any issues. We will keep all ambassadors added to a group and it will help all the ambassadors to get support from their fellow ambassadors. Be confident and we will support you to grow in this journey along with us. All we ask from our ambassadors is genuine effort and things will work automatically.
  • control_pointI have a query and it is not answered yet. What should I do now?
    Drop your query at Our team will revert back to you with required information to clarify your doubts.